Volunteering helps BLH use their funds where they will have the biggest impact – grants towards extra-curricular programs at Lincoln High School. By avoiding a payroll for concessions stands and fundraising events, there is simply more money going towards Lincoln students.

Not only that, volunteering has been proven to boost one’s mental and physical health [1]. While many people feel too busy to schedule one more thing for their day, science has actually proven that volunteering can reduce stress, boost your self-esteem, build a sense of belonging and improve perspective. Volunteering promotes physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness.

Student Volunteer Benefits
Student volunteers enjoy added benefits from volunteering with BLH.

  • The chance to earn silver cord hours. Silver cords are worn at graduation and are an honor to wear as the graduate crosses the stage
  • An inside look at the work required to make Lincoln High School and the extra-curricular activities a success for them and their fellow students. These insights can help them be good community stewards as adults, when they in-turn will be responsible for supporting their local schools and communities.
  • Plus – they can see friends while making a difference in their local peer community. They may even inspire others to get involved as well.

[1]: Mental Health Foundation – https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/doing-good-does-you-good