BLH Volunteers make the mission happen! The dedication of their time and energy means we can run fundraisers and events.

In fact, we use volunteers to run every concession stand at all athletic events. Because of these volunteers, we are able to take 100% of the net profits and use them towards the grants we offer to extra-curricular programs at Lincoln.

Student-volunteers also can earn silver cord hours when working for us.

We also use volunteers to help run our big fundraisers – the Chicken Bowl (Aug.), the Chili Challenge (Nov.) and the Pancake Breakfast (Jan.).

If you’re interested in helping out at BLH events, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at


Be a BLH volunteer! There are several volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, with the most common being a concessions worker at home events. Concessions raise the significant portion of BLH’s funds.

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Volunteering helps BLH use their funds where they will have the biggest impact – grants towards extra-curricular programs at Lincoln High School. By avoiding a payroll for concessions stands and fundraising events, there is simply more money going towards Lincoln students. Continue reading “Benefits”