Grants are provided to both non-athletic organizations and clubs, along with athletic programs annually. Grant requests are typically related purchase equipment, make facility improvements, purchase new uniforms and more.

Without a formal budget, the Lincoln Activities Department is limited to fundraising in order to meet the needs of its programs, both athletic and non-athletic. Of course, the department relies on its own sponsors and fundraising efforts to meet the needs of Rails programs. But those programs also rely significantly on donations from the BLH Booster Club.

Grants are submitted to BLH using a Request a Grant form. These needs are discussed at BLH meetings and voted on by the Board of Directors.

If approved, the funds are donated to the program for their use on the stated grant need.

Grant Request Process

BLH aims to keep the grant request process simple and straightforward. This way grants can be submitted easily and there are not significant barriers involved in requesting funds for student organizations. Additionally, it allows BLH to respond to requests in a timely manner so programs know if their request was approved or denied.
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Request A Grant

Complete the grant request form to ask for funding from BLH. Grants of all kinds are reviewed at the monthly BLH meeting. Common requests include needed equipment, start-up costs for a new student organization, facility improvements, and more. If your request is approved, you’ll be notified and the funds released within two weeks of approval at the monthly meeting.
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