BLH Supports New Weightlifting Club

Lincoln Rails students can now join the brand-new Rails Weightlifting Club!

In just a few short weeks, the club has 40+ regular attendees, with 70+ semi-regular attendees.Most football and baseball student-athletes have been attending 6:00 a.m. workouts, five days a week. They’ve been joined by other student-athletes representing wrestling, baseball, girls track and basketball.

In addition to the lifting workouts, each week has a one day dedicated to a leadership program, helping the attendees improve their leadership skills.

The weightlifting club’s goal is to improve the physical ability of Rails student-athletes, so they can perform competitively with suburban schools.

BLH recently donated funds so the club can purchase protein powder for post-workout consumption to help the athletes achieve their muscle growth goal. Your BLH membership makes donations like this possible!

If you’d like to help these student-athletes reach their goals, consider donating to the BLH weight lifting program. The club aims to change the culture and they’d love to have the community can get behind them.

If you’re interested in speaking at one of our leadership programs, contact Coach Saxon Dolan at 319-389-8269 or Todd King at 515-249-4112.

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