Annual Pankcake Breakfast Fundraiser: January 26th

It’s almost time to enjoy unlimited pancakes while also supporting BLH and Lincoln Activities! We’ll see you January 26th!

Date: January 26th
Time: Morning of the 26th
Cost: $5/person
What: Unlimited pancakes, butter and syrup served along with typical breakfast drinks (orange juice and milk)
Where: Lincoln Commons and Cafeteria

Earn Your Program Donation Dollars!
For 2019, BLH is doing a donation share with programs that sell 100 tickets (or more!). Once a program meets the 100 ticket threshold, they’ll earn $1 for every ticket sold.

  • Examples of how the donation-sharing works:
    • Sell 101 tickets – earn $101 dollars for your program
    • Sell 310 tickets – earn $310 dollars for your program
    • Sell 97 tickets – earn $0 for your program due being short of the 100 ticket minimum

How to Buy Tickets
There’s three ways to buy tickets this year!

  • Grab your tickets in advance at
    • Pick your program from the drop-down menu to help them earn a donation-share (per 100 tickets sold on behalf of their program).
  • Purchase tickets from your program’s BLH representative
  • Buy your tickets at the door

Support BLH
Events like the Pancake Breakfast are fundraisers for BLH each year. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to give back Lincoln High School and the students. All net earnings are donated back to the school in the form of:

  • Scholarships for graduating Lincoln Seniors
  • Grants
  • Drama
  • Band and Orchestra Instruments and Band Uniforms
  • Replacing athletic uniforms every 3 years
  • Senior Celebration
  • Vocal Music

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